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Eye Injury 

Eye is a very delicate tissue. It is the most vital square inch of the body.

Eye injury can be


Chemical like acid/alkali burns


Or a combination of above.

Every situation in routine life can cause eye injury.

Spurting oil while working in kitchen, flying coconut shells, sharpening pencils with blades, injury with finger nails, injury with ball, bat, stick, contact sports, chemicals in factories, flying metal pieces, welding, cutting grass, branches in garden, cat/dog bites, scratches etc.

Besides these, motor vehicular accidents, fights, bomb attacks, can add a lot to the list.

Injuries may be -

Lid abrasions, lid tears

Sub-conjunctival bleed, conjunctival tears

Corneal abrasions, corneal tears

Injury to the lens, traumatic cataract

Retinal injury with bleeding, tears, detachment

Black eye, orbital fractures

Injury to the optic nerve

Foreign bodies in eye ranging from glass, wood metal pieces to animal hair.

All kinds of injuries should be urgently shown to an eye-doctor. Though, the injury may not interfere with immediate vision, it may remain silent like retinal tears, more so in children, who may not notice/ complain till it is very late.




Prevention is the key.

Working on a table with proper distance between object and eye.

Wearing protective glasses while welding, working at very high temperatures, with chemicals, in contact sports.

Wash eyes with lots of water, if any foreign body or chemical enters.

Never instill any 'drops' without doctor's advice. Read labels on medicine bottles carefully. Always keep medicines in a separate cabinet, so no confusion can ever arise.

Apply ice or cold compress for a black eye. This decreases the bleeding and swelling.



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